My Personnality

Black man, who are you?
You have foreign names, the first names of slaves,
You speak foreign languages, moving away from your motherly axis, from your cultural fold,
You exalt foreign religions, moving away from your cosmic center,
You consume a stranger, depriving yourself of your divine faculties to create what suits your person and making you dependent for life on those who deplore your presence on earth,
You appropriate yourself from gods, ancestors and foreign customs, making yourself an accomplice in your spiritual slavery,

You don't know your story, you don't know your reality,
Do you find any interest there?
You welcome everyone to your home, without discernment and you kneel in front of anyone,
In the name of universalism?
Do you think something of the European?
Do you think something Asian?
Do you have a preconceived idea about the foreigner?

You live in foreign countries, where you only have bad roles,
You live in colonial states, where the foreigner has more rights,
In the land of your ancestors, strangers have erected walls that prevent you from communicating with your brother,
You pose as a defender of these walls without wanting to break them,
Colonial religions, Colonial borders, Colonial languages, Colonial first names, Ethnic stereotypes resulting from colonization,
This is the source of divisions in mother earth,

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