Eca, 19940417, Calamba, Southern Tagalog, Philippines


I just wanna share my thoughts about why other girl choice to be single, it is because we wait for a better person, for a right man/girl. That they fulfill our hapiness and needs. To be able to stay for the rest of our life. No need to rush be positive dont mind what other thinks about us. Be who you are. Wait until she/ he came in your life.So if you wait a right girl, maybe i am :) hahaha just kidding dude! Or maybe she/he (near you) is in your country just open your eyes and mind to a person…

Cher21, 19790118, Manila, National Capital Region, Philippines


Hi there.Can anyone from here to share opinions and beliefs we are standing strong for ourself? We know that each one of us is unique and we had our own point of view. I am making this blog to hear a lot from different people, different point of views not to criticize but to understand how we sees things or situations differently.So to start-ups lets begin the topic of what are you looking for that you feel empty to yourself?Everyone is invited to vent-out here. Come and join us. Let's…

Abolfazl87, 19860921, Naz̨arābād, Teheran, Iran

Only marrige

Hi all iam abolfazl mirzaee 34 year old i from iran and iam christian i looking a girl for marrige. I have endured many hardships in life and in Iran, and I am looking to live in a free and good country, and I am looking for a woman with whom I can have peace. I have lived in a country where there is no freedom at all. No, so I am looking for a free country to live in, and because I would love to get married and have a family and children, I am looking for a girl who lives in a free country so t…

ayaanweerasekara, 19961222, Hambantoţa, Hambantota, Sri Lanka

Am a fresher.

Hi everyone. Am a fresher to here and looking support to surf here. Actually am filling with 25yrs and working in a harbour as a reapective officer with a respective graduation. Hope i have achieved one of my major goal and now i have to go for a serious relationship with kind of serious Princes . Actully if she was a another royal it wiill better. But however she should be a kind ❤❤ and lovely traveller. Coz travelling lead my one of major happiness role and eating is the nother. . Whatever let…

Jammi, 19900424, Kellevie, Tasmania, Australia

Wise the fuck up boys

Fuck me yous fellas need to wise the fuck up. No fucken story's about your life. Just connect with her that's what it's about man. Make her happy make her laugh. It's not that hard. Just be straight up. It's not a interview for the queen like come on mate. I just wrote this whole thing and realised it's know swearing Hahaha. Like how soft can ya get what is this site even. PG? Lol ahh well I'll see how it goes hope yous all do well i…

Speed10, 19920229, Owerri, Imo, Nigeria

Light at the end of the tunnel

Some many times, we get entangled with stuffs that we can not really understand how we got there at the first place, but either way a solution always come in the end, this brings about many questions about the existence of many natural forces ruling living with us on earth and the power they have over man's dominion and existence, giving up let's the beast win, you can alway scale through if you keep up hopes alive, in the end you will overcome what ever situation that threw yo…

Serious relationship and marrige

Serious relationship and marrige

I am abolfazl 34 year old i from iran. I am single boy and i live alone my job is accountatn on iran i looking a woman for marry also i want keep my life in new country so if i find a good woman for marry i will join to my future partner country i looking a woman then reapect to me and do not betray to me. Iam clever and smart man also iam hardworking i will do evrything for my future wife and mine family i love a children and not important my future partner will have a kids i will love him kids…

Mycall, 20000308, Namatanai, New Ireland, Papua New Guinea


Hii am new here and I don't know how this works but hey I know I'm just in a right place looking for someone loyal. I'M from Papua New Guinea, I love playing football, having picnic with friends and other outdoor activities. Also am a music lover.If u wanna be a friend or maybe looking for a serious relationship here's myFACEBOOK ACC:Michael OraWHATSAPP #:+675 71362384or u can Gmail me on *mycallora21@gmail.comI hope u who are reading this has the same feeling…

Juliet62, 19850714, Allenton, Michigan, United States


Hi guys, i just want someone to talk to, someone i can share my thoughts. I need a good friend that can lead to something serious, but please lets not make it into hurry, and please do not talk some poetic lines coz i dont like it, it sounds silly, better to be just be you...I like honest no matter how ugly or how bad your background or your experience are, just be honest.. Im not looking for physically attractive, but i want a good human being and has a good heart..I like being corrected if im…

Loans, 19791007, Agy, Basse-Normandie, France


Hello,I grant Financial, Home Loan, Investment Loan, Auto Loan, Personal Loan and Others, at an interest rate of 1%. I am available to satisfy my customers within a maximum of 04 days following receipt of your request form.Whatsapp: +33 7 52 55 09 72E-mail: mauricelope322@gmail.comHello,I grant Financial, Home Loan, Investment Loan, Auto Loan, Personal Loan and Others, at an interest rate of 1%. I am available to satisfy my customers within a maximum of 04 days following receipt of your request…

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