I was dumped by my 2years in a relationship boyfriend , a year ago. Without giving me a reason except the fact that he became unsure to his feelings for me. I do not know what made him confused. Is it really because we have not seen each other for 3 months? Or there is somebody else made him feel confused?
It was really confusing me. We do not fight or anything, in short we are really ok. I just woke up the next morning that he wanted to breath without me. He cut off our relationship just like that. Without even thinking how would I react, nor what would I feel.
I tried to get back to him after I agreed letting him go as well. Because I love him. And if I did nothing to save our relationship, I would always look back and feel regrets. And I failed. I failed saving our own story. He said... If we are meant to be, we will be.
I love him but that does not mean I would forced him to love and have that same feelings for me again. I failed. But at least, I tried.
Someday , he will realized how lucky he was that he have me once but he choose to let me go. I am certain that whatever happens in the future, there will be no regrets in my life. I gave all the things I could give to keep our relationship but he wasted it. He wasted the chance of having someone like me who would love him without any conditions.
And if someday he realized how unlucky he is to let go, I can not do anything about that anymore. Surely, he is not the one I am waiting for, when that day comes. I am certain that I already found the right man for me, even before that happens. A man who is more responsible and more matured. A man who easily never give up. A man who knows how to commit, and definitely not a man who just decides for himself.
When that day comes, I would gladly smile to him and show how happy I am with the man I am in love with. After all, letting me go is not a bad thing. He just helped me find the right one for me.
And yes. I succeed. I found the right man for me. I am very happy. We meet last year , before Christmas. So, it's december 24. He was in Manila the time we decided to try having a romantic relationship. We both came from a fresh heartbreak. It was a long distance relationship. We only see each other face on our Facebook accounts . We don't know each other personally. We are strangers because we never met in person. I just wanted to try to feel loved again that's why I agreed to his proposal. And I don't hide that reason to him.
He knew and was aware that we became together that day, not because I love him. It is because I was desperate to moved on from my ex. I never lied. And he never did as well. Our relationship is going smoothly. We are okay. We met for the first time when he came back to his hometown.
Everything is going well. Everything is good. We are legal to both sides. Mine and his family did not say anything about us. They are not against our relationship considering how far our age gap. And it gives us a great feeling. Relieved. That is what we feel the moment we already meet each other parents and family members.
Everything is good. We never fight a lot. We understand each other . I am happy. We were both happy. Our relationship remain strong as rock. No one could set us apart. Except one thing. (And that is a secret) He was right. It really sets us apart. And it gives me unbearable pain inside my heart. We super love each other. We planned our supposedly future. But in the end, everything became a memory. Too hurt to remember but will never be forgotten. Well, maybe life is really unfair. Or I am really destined being alone and feel pain.

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