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Huntsville, United States
5' 11"
A little gray
Caucasian (white)
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I work out regularly and am in great shape. I’m a transplant from Southern California, having moved here in 2000. I prefer to wear Levi's but do own a tux. I’m laid back, but am continually in search of something new to try. I currently have several projects on which I’m working around the house but would welcome an enticing distraction. Although not wealthy by many standards, my job does afford me the funds to keep my lifestyle full and interesting. You’ll most often find me offering my time helping those around me whom I care about.

Did I mention that I can tell a story that keeps a crowd spellbound? If I were applying for you, the qualities I’d list would include would be that lunch ladies like me. I’m chivalrous, faithful, kind, honest, passionate, charming, strong, tender, sometimes very funny, and… oh yes - emotionally intelligent. Virtues that drive me are honor and integrity. I am a “one woman” kind of man.

Some of the things that I hope to have in common with the woman I meet would be restaurant hopping, attending movies or the theatre, watching movies at home while veggin’ or shopping for antiques or auctions. I too hope that she will crave the compatibility, harmony and chemistry that I crave. I’m a sucker for smart women with big vocabularies and even bigger hearts. I am patient enough to know that through nurturing, you gain respect. I can only hope that the woman who catches my interest will know that also. If I’ve captured your interest, write to me…It is funny how one click of a mouse could be the beginning of an exciting relationship.

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