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georginakate, 20020406, Kërrabë, Elbasan, Albania
Kërrabë, Elbasan, Albania
Living situation:
With kids
About yourself:
Of course, it is difficult to talk about myself, so now I will highlight only two sides of my character, everything else is your turn. You will have a chance to learn and understand everything in personal communication. The first is that I am a real fire!
Looking for:

Despite on my resolute and strong character, I would like to meet a man, who will be caring, gentle and next to him or in his arms I will feel safe, like a small kitten. At other times, my man should be like a strong lion, who knows how to make decisions and next to him I will be a proud lioness. But also a lioness that he will sometimes need to be pacified with the help of his feelings. I am sure that with my future man we will conquer the heights of this world together.

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