Australia or Canada

Australia or Canada

Hello am Hemant from Nepal. I want to work in Australia or Canada one of them,because these are my dream country.But because of my poor family background its tough to fulfill my dream myself from my country.So if anybody can help me to get in my dream country,I will worship you all the rest of my life.whatsapp no.:+977-9868177735-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------…

KalNax, 20000819, Kampala, Central, Uganda

Happy New Year 2022

Lets thank God for this year guys and pray for more life ahead of 2022pray that may the lord enable us to achieve more next year though it has been so tough and hard because of covid nineteen.may the lord protect us and gad us against evil.May he strengthen thos who have lost their beloved ones this year 2021 and enable them leave with faith in their hearts.with those few words, please allow me wish everyoney happy new year 2022 filled with joy,happines,love,wonders and hope2022 is ayear to over…

AinaJordi, 19900922, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


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AinaJordi, 19900922, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


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Marrige=help me for move out from my country

Marrige=help me for move out from my country

Hi i am abolfazl iwant leave my country iran but iam not rich man i have simple life if evry woman or girl help and suport to me for leave and move out from iran i will marrige with her. i do not care about age and not matter woman will be 20 year old or 50 year old i will do marry also i want keep my life in the country then have good economy beacuse good economy =find job easily iam abolfazl 35 year old single i do not have kid i did not married yet iam smart man hardworking i like children an…

My seriously relationship

My seriously relationship

I am the only man who has divorced and now I am thinking of remarrying. Let the woman I marry now be the one with whom I will spend my whole life. Now I want to marry a foreign woman. The idea of ​​marrying a foreign woman is why the art and culture traditions between the two countries are intertwined.My country, which has the highest mountain in the world, is watching the world with loving eyes from the top of that high mountain. Now that I am married, let the marital relationship between me an…

Fallylove, 19811210, Lomé, Maritime, Togo

My Personnality

Black man, who are you?You have foreign names, the first names of slaves,You speak foreign languages, moving away from your motherly axis, from your cultural fold,You exalt foreign religions, moving away from your cosmic center,You consume a stranger, depriving yourself of your divine faculties to create what suits your person and making you dependent for life on those who deplore your presence on earth,You appropriate yourself from gods, ancestors and foreign customs, making yourself an accompl…

Usman2, 19960705, Pattoki, Punjab, Pakistan


Am here tofind a good relationship its very good app to join people and meet to each other and get good relation ship if any one want to become my partner plz text me am a stenotypest i shear my thought with my partner any women girl aunt wan to join me and i wil give ger proper time and good thought ainnwhatspp num +923027574973 am from pakistan and Am very kind hearted with my partner and am abuse auch kind os shit and other activites shal be thanks ful to u i wil help you to any field of life

Alexx, 19920905, Belconnen, Australian Capital Territory, Australia


Greetings everyone,,,I'm new here and wish to make new frnds, chart mate and catch fun,,if you are interested in be my friend you cand beep me and let&s make friends..just to have people to chart ,relate ,gist with,,....bitch stay away from my way I don't give a dam for fake relationship/love...frnd only/////////////////////////////////////////if you wish to kn better and more about me you can dm and let's kn eachother better and become intimate frnd not for an…

Eca, 19940417, Calamba, Southern Tagalog, Philippines


I just wanna share my thoughts about why other girl choice to be single, it is because we wait for a better person, for a right man/girl. That they fulfill our hapiness and needs. To be able to stay for the rest of our life. No need to rush be positive dont mind what other thinks about us. Be who you are. Wait until she/ he came in your life.So if you wait a right girl, maybe i am :) hahaha just kidding dude! Or maybe she/he (near you) is in your country just open your eyes and mind to a person…

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