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Fillmewithyoucum, 19790211, Oakleigh South, Victoria, Australia
Oakleigh South, Victoria, Australia
Living situation:
I'm looking for guys with big cocks to fuck me
About yourself:
I'm a single males looking for it a transsexual for guys with big dicks who want to take advantage of the guy that was 2 crossdress and we're lots of hot sexy lingerie just come around to my house said you cock straight in me blow and go no need for small
Looking for:

Any guy or transsexual with a big dick that I can wrap my lips around it and suck it until is rock hard and deep down my throat well you take advantage of me by ripping off my panties and mini skirt start sliding your fingers in and out of me until you're ready to force me into whatever position you want and dominate me with your big hard cock you can hold me down you can tie me up you can do whatever you want just as long as it's a quick hard deep fuck with no holding back even if I try and pull away because it hurts don't go harder don't stop until I can feel your come squirting deep inside me and then just leave I don't care whether it's a 5 minute 10 minute or 20 minute fuck just as long as it's an absolute pounding I want to feel pleasure and pain at the same time I'm looking for somebody with a huge cock who knows how to use it stretch my ass and son is deep as possible until his cum dribbling out of my arse and if you're comfortable with it I would like to film it on my phone or my camera I love to make amateur porn and upload it to sites it turns me on so much being able to watch how hard is how deep my ass gets pounded and how I sound and moan and scream

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