Jheanbeb, 19920515, Libertad, Eastern Visayas, Philippines

Hello everyone

Looking for someone who is trueGod fearingFunnyTrust Worthy,Cool,Generous,Kind, Generous and lovingIm simple girl, with a good heart, please find or contact me if you have a good soul.Everyone is not perfect, but at least we do good for the name of love. I will appreciate if someone who really realNot a SCAMMER!!! Please please please don't contact me if you are not real, I don't need you. I don't need a robotI wan't real Person. I will love him for the rest o…

Drbabakekereifayemi, 19770606, Abuja, Abuja Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria

I'm ifa olokun Oracle's Priests and herbalists doctor

Consultation with Dr. Baba kekere ifayemi a.k.a The Oracle priest & herbal doctor! 07087464026 call...*IFA Consultations*Business Boosting*Stroke*Promised & fails* Favours*Imbeciles*Miscarriages*Virginia distarge*egde of Virginia stracthing and bump or boils* Stretch marks*oil for breast & Bombom enlargement*Infections (any types)*Infertility*Fibroids*Virginia tighten & sweetness*Menstral pain*Low sperm count* Bad dreams*Land issues*Court case*Diabetics*Spiritual…

lisa.lee, 19960403, Bayview, New South Wales, Australia

I think Australian guys love Asian women

It is often said that men are dignified and have high self-esteem. But I do not think that is right. Because if there are dignitaries, there is self-esteem why they use their strength to make women more disadvantaged than them. Why do not they use that power to create civilized equality that we women respect? Is the strength of a man to be measured by a woman "s tears?I have read an article by a Western girl, she said Asian men don"t love women, are patriarchal and selfish. She…

lisa.lee, 19960403, Bayview, New South Wales, Australia

Love is free in Australia dating app

I found this free Australian dating app and I posted my profile right away and hope to find a great Australian men or Western guys who respect Australian women and Australian girls. Any Western or Australian guys who treat Australian women right and respect Australian lady at most. If you are the right one, please drop me a line now.Are you looking for an Asian girls in Australia? I am a Chinese girl who is friendly and honest. So I like to find new friends or pen pals in this country.Thank you…

Afobanking, 19910404, Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria


Good evening everyone, I'm new here. I don't know how this work, I'm 29 years old, I love , study at lagos state university, banking and finance student. I love playing football, basketball, hockey, rugby, long tennis, table tennis, swimming, swimming,Good evening everyone, I'm new here. I don't know how this work, I'm 29 years old, I love , study at lagos state university, banking and finance student,Good evening everyone, I'm new here. I don't know how t…

Suzette, 19921107, Baybay, Eastern Visayas, Philippines


Isn't year of 2020 a very memorable year lots of people dying in vain.Too much challenges,we have joy,sorrow and even heartache and now that it almost at the end of year so let's all be still happy and thankful for another year again and we together brace the other new year coming with joy despite of hardship.Actually I don't know what to say just tryin this you know Let's just enjoy here even if no one notice this. A whole new world a new fantastic point of view no one to te…

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